Cats and Dogs - Why Do They Hate Each Other?

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How often have you ever seen dogs chasing cats? By seeing this, one question is going to be sprouting on your mind on why these beautiful creatures hate one another. There is an intense rivalry between cats and dogs. They are always seen as animals that hate one another . this is often true when the cats see the dogs around they become wild and need to attack them. On the opposite hand, dogs also rebuke them and bark wildly once they happen to ascertain the cats around.

Dogs are mainly social animals, whereas the cat lives an independent life. This vast difference among their social styles is one among the most reasons behind this intense rivalry. Due to this social anomaly, the dog and cat will often misinterpret at the start, albeit either of the 2 has friendly intentions within the beginning.

There also seems to drag with the wagging tails of both these creatures. The wagging of tails may mean various things to both of them. To the dog, the tail's wagging means happiness, whereas to a cat it means displeasure and anger. When the cat rushes to the cat, she may misunderstand and interpret as hostility. Likewise, when the dogs see the cats wagging tail, they will interpret it as a friendliness logo, where the cats fear them.

The genetic difference between these two fierce rivals is also one among the explanations for their disliking. Dogs are predators naturally, and that they tend to chase things that move quickly, particularly the smaller animals and therefore the cats considerably slot in this description. On the opposite hand, cats also are predators naturally, and that they also tend to display destructive behaviours towards the dogs almost double to their size. The cats also will attempt to defend themselves, resulting in the start of rivalry.

According to individual experts, cats and dogs also tend to misinterpret one another. If a dog with a friendly intention tries to smell the cat and therefore the cat unknown, his friendly approach attacks the dog. This aggressive behaviour of the cats alters the dogs' attitudes towards the cats to some extent where they may appear to hate the cats.

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