Will a Cat and Dog Attack Each Other?

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 Will a Cat and Dog Attack Each Other?

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Q: I hope to urge a cat, but I even have already got a dog reception. Will they attack one another and fight?


A: Dogs and cats are members of very different species. They speak other languages, and this causes tons of confusion between them.


Q: What does one mean by that?


A: you recognize, when a dog wags his tail, this is often usually a symbol that he's proud of a given situation. Your dog will wag his tail to greet you and cause you to welcome.


This is not an equivalent as a cat. When a cat moves her tail about she is showing signs of displeasure and perhaps threatening you.


When dog and cat meat, they believe their visual communication. A dog who meets a cat moving her tail from side to side may misinterpret this as a cheerful greeting and feel invited to approach her.


The cat who sees a dog wag his tail may misinterpret the dog's emotional status and feel threatened by him.


Q: is that this the only danger when bringing a cat and dog together?


A: No. Dogs wish to chase cats, whereas cats don't want to be tracked. When a dog gets too on the brink of a cat, the cat may feel in peril and threaten the dog by hissing, growling and arching her back. Watching this, the dog will get even more interested by the cat, maybe eager to sniff her. This may end in the cat's attack on the dog provided she will not escape things.


Q: So once I introduce a cat and dog, I even have to form sure that the cat can escape from the dog, right?


A: Exactly. It might help if you introduced them so that the dog won't chase the cat. Put him on a leash, ensuring he can't get at your feline. Let the cat decide whether she wants to return closer or not.


Q: Can a cat and a dog become friends?


A: Sure. Many of us have cats and dogs. They sleep together in one bed, play with one another and share a life filled with happiness


The secret lies within the gentle introduction. Don't force anything; give them time. Confirm they get won't to one another during a safe way with many escape routes for the cat.


Of course, it's tons easier to introduce a kitten to a dog than bringing during a mature cat.


Things are a touch different once I am out and about with my dog. If we meet a cat, my dog wants to travel after it and investigate. I never allow this because the strange cat may attack my dog, which might cause him severe pain.


A few years back, I walked alongside a field when a cat suddenly attacked my dogs right out of the blue. I used to be shocked, then were my dogs. Luckily no harm was done. Later on, I acknowledged that she had perceived us as a threat to her kittens we knew nothing about.


In a nutshell: Dogs and cats are often great friends as many such couples show us. They rarely attack one another, and if they are doing, it's mainly because the cat can't escape things.


One last word of caution: do you have to own a dog bred to kill cats, you've got to be very careful what you are doing. If you own a dog, please read the breed standard or ask your breeder.

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