How To Care For Young Rabbits ?


How To Care For Young Rabbits

Newborn rabbits are naked, helpless, and blind, mothers do not take great care of their babies, they breastfeed their young only once a day, for only a few minutes; Therefore, rabbit milk is very rich in nutrients and is considered the richest compared to the milk of all other mammals To compensate for the lack of interest, rabbits are usually weaned from breastfeeding only about one month after birth, and parents are not usually involved in caring for their offspring.

So those who buy these rabbits should take care of their young as soon as their mother ,  how do we look after young rabbits in the best possible way?

The pregnancy period of a female rabbit lasts from approximately 31-33 days before her birth, and the females do not need any assistance in the birth process, which usually occurs at night or in the early morning hours, and when the birth process occurs, the young must be inspected to ensure whether one of them is dead in order to be removed from The birth box is straightforward, and the placenta is also removed from the box.

It's something to be made available to young people when they're born :

--Providing warmth for young rabbits, as young people usually feel cold and need to be warmed, and the most appropriate way is to fill a bowl with warm water and place it under the bed prepared for it in the delivery box, and this is a good way to warm the young with enough heat while avoiding any direct contact with the source of heat.

--Ensure that the mother receives enough food and drink to ensure that she produces enough milk to feed her young, by providing her with fresh food daily and providing her with sufficient water, as her water consumption will be greater than ever.

Keep the shelter of the young clean, the young people at first spend their time in it before they become strong enough to spend their needs outside, so it is necessary to clean it daily and provide dry towels and a clean mattress in the rabbit shelter.

-If it is observed that the young are weak and that their stomachs are sunken and their skins are wrinkled due to dehydration, then the mother does not breastfeed her children, and then the veterinarian must be called.

-Dealing with young people immediately after their birth, as the young at first and even to be weaned will be susceptible to diseases and bacteria, especially e. coli bacteria, which may lead to the death of young people within hours of infection, so it is necessary to wash hands and clean them every time the breeder needs to deal with it.

Preparing milk similar to rabbit milk

 Sometimes the female rabbit may not be able to provide milk to her children, it is known that natural rabbit milk is rich in nutrients, so if necessary it is necessary to make milk similar to breast milk, cow's milk is not the most suitable alternative for rabbit milk, while goat milk is more nutritious for rabbits, and the most suitable combination for rabbit milk is one cup of goat milk added to it a teaspoon of honey and one egg yolk, mixed with the ingredients and kept in The refrigerator, before being given to rabbits must be warmed at a temperature similar to the room temperature, and is usually provided to rabbits through medical correctness, as the amount of milk provided to these young should be gradually increased, as it is enough in the first week of birth to provide 3 mm of milk made twice a day, and by the end of the seventh and eighth week this amount should reach 15 mm of milk.

Providing solid food for young people

Usually when young rabbits drink their milk, their stomach looks spherical, but if it is noted that they are not circular, it means that they do not receive enough nutrition or that they need other varieties of food, and the rabbit prepares are characterized by being very sensitive, so it is preferable to provide varieties of vegetables and fruits to these young in small quantities in order not to suffer problems in the stomach or get diarrhea, and lettuce, carrots and spinach are among the most famous vegetables offered to them, while apples, peaches and apricotfruits may be considered Come to these rabbits.


Care for rabbits during pregnancy

 rabbits in pregnancy in addition to the space allocated to them in the prepared home, to a suitable space enough to house all their young who will be born soon and who may number up to 14 young, preferably this place contains a nest box, contains a good mattress that may sometimes be made of straw, and must be easy to clean, especially if it is used by rabbits to take care of them, and the birth box is placed inside its own home to facilitate the control of young people They will soon be placed in it, but as for food, the mother needs enough quantity and enough for her young, so the quantities of fresh vegetables provided to her must be doubled, so it is preferable at this stage the gradual shift from the introduction of herbs that rabbits used to eat to the provision of alfalfa, in order to avoid the removal of soft stools, as well as to provide fresh water for these rabbits.

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