Laser Bolt Kitten Toy cat game

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Laser Bolt Kitten Toy

Indeed, every day, your little cat requires a multitude of cognitive and physical stimuli adapted to ensure perfect health.

The Develope of this cat game as laser to meet the needs of felines, the laser toy is extremely beneficial.

Interactive laser pointer for cats, with built-in timer to keep your pet entertained. With this toy, you can occupy your cat independently.

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Which cat will resist the call of the laser? This pets game as Laser for Cat and Dog Toy will allow you to occupy and create a real bond with your little animal. This is a great way to get him to exercise because he is easily attracted to the symbol projected on surfaces. Cats can spend hours on these types of games.

Easy to use, this laser / led pointer for cats and dogs will stimulate the natural hunting instinct. To change habits, discover the 5 patterns designed to amuse him differently. A classic light point, a star, a butterfly, a mouse and even a face, as many games as time spent stimulating your animal.

the laser toy is extremely beneficial via :

- an ideal encouragement to physical expenditure.

- mental training in reactivity and logic.

- stimulation of the natural hunting instinct preventing the risk of frustration. 

The Laser is cinsider as pet game pointer is an interactive cat toy that allows you to occupy your cat independently and playfully. The laser pointer can be hand-held or placed on a flat surface. Press the ON button and the game can then start. The cat will start to watch for the pointer, chase it and catch it.

*Features of this Laser cat laser toy:

- automatic mode: the laser moves in all directions on the floor and walls

- timer mode: the laser pointer stops automatically after 15 minutes

- manual mode: hold the pointer in your hand and let the laser move in all directions

- adjustable laser: the mirror can be adjusted to make the laser move on different surfaces

- the cat's fragile eyes cannot come into direct contact with the light point of the laser because it first radiates on the adjustable mirror

*Instructions for automatic mode:

- press the ON / OFF button

- hold the toy in your hand or place it on a flat surface

- the laser pointer stops automatically after 15 minutes

- press the ON / OFF button to turn off the pointer and stop the game

*Instructions for manual mode:

- press and hold the ON / OFF button for 3 seconds

- hold the pointer in your hand and let the laser move in all directions

- the laser pointer stops automatically after 15 minutes

- press the ON / OFF button to turn off the pointer and stop the game

  *Very important: do not direct the laser beam towards the eyes, which could cause health problems!

*Note: laser light is projected only in the visible spectrum [400 nm to 700 nm] for a short time (maximum 0.25 seconds). In fact, only lasers with a power greater than 5 mWatts pose a danger, the FroliCat Bolt laser for its part has a power of 0.033 mWatts. The laser does not represent any risk for your cat.

*Warning: Please always supervise your pet when playing with a toy. Make sure that the toy is not damaged or that small pieces have not been torn off. If the toy is damaged, immediately put it out of your pet's reach. We strongly recommend that you replace the toy immediately to avoid injury.

*Please note: batteries are not included in the delivery. You will need 4 AA model batteries.

*More information about this laser pets games or toys :

- Cat Laser Toy, Automatic Rotating Cat Laser Pointer, USB Charging Powered Pet Training

- Interactive Pet Laser Toy: The exciting laser moves randomly across floors and walls, appealing to cats' natural hunting instinct; Five angles to adjust the path of movement of five sizes.

- Auto play: The Bolt will automatically turn off the laser after 15 minutes to prevent your cat from over-stimulation and keep the game exciting, after 1.5 hours the toys will turn on and run for 15 minutes on their own.

- Smart Cat Toys: The hidden auto-rotating laser pointer creates a unique and mysterious experience for tough hunting. Never get bored with the 3 speed setting (slow, fast, random).

- Unique design: Super silence design. Works with 4 AA batteries (not included) or USB. You can take this toy to any safe place.

- Not attached to a door or window. The cat will not be confined to a small place like other toys do.

- Excellent service: If there is any problem with the quality or use of the product, please connect us, we will give you a satisfactory answer.

*Characteristics :

- White color

- Material: plastic

- Power supply: 4 x AA or USB batteries batteries are not included

- Package Weight: 225g

- Package size: 19.5 * 7.5 * 7.5cm

- 1xCat Toy 1xUSB Cable 1xUser Manual

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