The Most Beautiful Types Of Dogs


The Most Beautiful Types Of Dogs

Owning a dog at home helps to get some benefits, including, that dog breeding helps to exercise on a daily basis, where the dog is standing by the door waiting to go out for a walk, which encourages the human to walk for thirty minutes, and the presence of these animals at home helps to reduce the level of stress, by playing with the dog, or raising it, studies have shown that owning dogs helps to reduce stress hormones, and can help raising dogs to improve life Social for human beings, people can start a conversation with the owner of the dog during a picnic with him outside, and it has been proven that dogs have an amazing sense of smell so that they can detect the incidence of cancer in the early stages, as studies have shown that dog breeders have better heart health than others, as they reduce the incidence of human heart attack.

Around the world there are a number of dogs with a beautiful and attractive appearance, and the most beautiful of these dogs are:

 Chow Chow dog

 The Chow Chow dog is a distinct breed that originated in China, as it has a blue and black tongue, and it is believed that this type of dog is one of the oldest breeds that are genetically close to the wolf animal, and the name Cao Tsu was derived from an English term used in the nineteenth century, Which means goods coming from the east, and the Chow Chow dog is distinguished by its large head, and its body covered with thick fur that forms densely around the neck area, and has curly hair on the tail area, and a small dog of this type weighs between 20-32 kilograms, and the adult dog weighs what Between 43-51 kilograms.

Yorkshire dog The Yorkshire dog developed in the English provinces, especially in Yorkshire and Lancashire, in the mid-nineteenth century AD. Small in size, its weight does not exceed three kilograms, and its length ranges between 20-30 cm, and it ranks second among the most popular dogs in the United States of America.

  Chihuahua Dog

 The Chihuahua dog was nicknamed the foot of the Mexican city of Chihuahua, where it appeared in the nineteenth century AD, and this dog is characterized by being dumb and small in size, weighing between half a kilogram to three kilograms, and this dog has a round head, prominent eyes, and erect ears, and its fur is characterized by its softness , Long, and lustrous.

 Poodle Dog

The poodle dog has a number of varieties, and the cover of this type of dog is curly, and its size is the size of a small puppy, and it is one of the dogs that originated in Germany, but is closely associated with France, and it is one of the very popular dogs, where this breed of dog is used in Hunting and in the circus business, due to its ability to smell and discover edible fungi.

  Ragotto Romanello Dog

 The Ragotto Romianello dog is one of the gentle and talented Italian dogs, and this type of dog is characterized by its ability to smell the truffles that grow underground, and this type weighs 15.9 kilograms, and this type is distinguished by its curly and dense cover, as it is trained easily, and can be trained to catch truffles.

Kooikerhondje Dog

 ​​Quaker Hodgay dog ​​is a descendant of the old Dutch breeds that were used to hunt ducks, and the cover of these dogs is orange, red and white, and weighs about 10 kilograms, and this type of dog can be affected by a number of health problems such as epilepsy, This family has neared extinction after World War II.

A person must know how to take care of dogs before bringing them home, because dogs need psychological and physical care, and among the most important methods of care are the following:

The dog must be fed from high-quality food, that is specific to dogs, and you must avoid feeding him with food for humans, or giving him chocolate, avocado, grapes, or bread dough. Offer your dog some water, as water is just as important as food.

 The health of the dog must be taken care of by taking it to the doctor in order to examine it periodically, while giving the dog his own vaccinations, which are against common diseases, while preserving the dates on which the dog took his own vaccinations.

The dog must obtain his own identity chip, which is placed in the upper area of ​​the shoulder under the skin, to use a syringe in a microscope, as each of these slides contains its own number, and the information about the dog is recorded with the contact numbers of the dog's owner.

The dog's body can be brushed periodically, as this helps to assess the condition of the dog's body, and this is through the use of the brush and comb. The dog must be kept clean, by washing the dog with water and dog shampoo, and this can be done once a month, depending on the condition of the dog and its activities

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