Top Pets Recommended To Re raised


9 Pets Recommended To Re raised

If you are a pet lover and would like to buy one, here is a list of the 10 most beautiful pets in the world recommended to raise them, you can view them carefully and choose the pet you loved:

1. Hamster

Hamster is a small and very gentle animal, loved by both children and adults, and it is a rodent where it resembles a mouse in shape, its body is covered with thick fur, it is of different colors, there are 25 different types of hamsters classified in 7 different races, the hamster has a very friendly appearance that makes him irresistible, a pet that can be raised at home, but be careful because he hates to stay all the time in the cage, and instead prefers to stay in a burrow to dig it, the hamster can live for the last one 4 or 5 years, hamster feeds on grains and insects at times, and hamster particularly likes sunflower seeds, fruit and vegetable seeds, meat, and plant roots.

2. Cats

One of the most famous pets especially in females is the breeding of cats, a small animal but not very small like hamsters and therefore can spread in the house without fear of hers under foot, and at the same time a cute animal, clean, and does not stick to its owner all the time, since cats like to single themselves and at their own time, cats can live up to 15 years if they are kept healthy, cats are covered by furs that vary their thickness by type, and there are types without any fur, but they are very high in price, and The most beloved shirazi species, as it has soft and dense fur, makes its appearance very nice, and characteristic in cats that it can be used to all the food made at home, from meat, fish, vegetables, rice and others.

3. Dogs

Many people prefer to raise dogs, whether small species that are suitable for living inside the house, or large species that are used for guarding and are in the gardens or on the roofs of the house, dogs are very faithful, love their owner and care, so it is one of the most beloved pets to raise, and the dog is called the best friend of man, as he can remember the owner even if it has passed it long without seeing it, and can unhappy dogs for up to 12 or 13 years depending on the type.


  4. Turtle

Many people also prefer to raise a turtle at home, although I am not a fan of turtle breeding, the turtle is a crawler that lives on land and there are those who live at sea, and the turtle that can be raised at home any land turtle is short and very slow, and has no teeth, and its body is covered with shreds, and eats grass and vegetables.

5. Sparrows

There are a large number of people around the world who like to raise birds, which are many shapes, colors, types and sounds, especially the song type, which produces beautiful tones, and the best species that can be raised by the eastern blue bird, the woodpecker, the brown eurasian ostrich bird, the Atlantic puffin, the Costa hummingbird, the dorsal, etc., and the bird is a feathered bird, with short tails and strong beaks.

  6. Monkeys

You may be surprised at the presence of the monkey on this list, but in fact the monkey is classified as one pet mm, and breeds a number of people in the house very naturally, a very intelligent animal, imitates man, and can make some good and exciting moves that impress his owner and this gives him a reputation for raising him at home, and there are many species of monkeys in the world, the most famous of which are baboonmonkeys, and most species of monkeys prefer to live in the forests in the tropics whether in Asia or Africa or The Americas, monkeys spend most of the night in rest and sleep, and there are two main sections on which monkeys are classified, the old world monkeys found in Asia and Africa, and the monkeys of the modern world found in Latin America and North America.

7. Chicks

Some people, especially children, prefer to raise chicks because they are beautiful little pets, and the advantage in chicks is that you can raise them and when you grow up become chicken you can use it either to eat it or sell it, so this is a commercial project too, you can raise chicks in your garden Your children will love this of course, especially the colorful chicks, which attract children a lot, but be aware that chicks need care and medications periodically and vitamins, otherwise they will get sick and die because they are very weak, and therefore they must be sold with a veterinarian from Yes, to protect them.

8. Colored Fish


Fish farming as a quiet pet is a popular thing for many people, whether for the love of pet breeding, or through decorations and giving an aesthetic form at home, the aquarium especially with lights, colored fish and accessories gives a beautiful shape in the corner of the house, and the fish in his upbringing is very quiet, does not feel his presence, you put him food only and clean the aquarium every once in a while, with medications from time to time as prescribed by the doctor, only, and you can enjoy the new fish babies, which you will be surprised by the size of the The little one who may be hard to see with the naked eye unless you check too, but he will grow up day by day to be the size of his parents.

 9. Rabbits

One of the best pets is the rabbit, a domesticated mammal, who can be raised as a pet, or in order to get his distinctive flesh and fur, and rabbits belong to the division of cords, and vary in colors, including white, black, gray, brown, Or multicolored and spotted, the hearing of rabbits is strong, and of course this is something you can know intuition because of the large size of the ear, and the rabbit has strong teeth through which he can eat vegetables and fruits that feed on them, as the rabbit has a strong sense of smell, and if you notice his actions you will find that He moves his nose all the time, the rabbit is an animal that jumps, has longer hind legs than the front legs, and he jumps at speeds of up to 30 km/h.





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