How Do You Teach Your Dog Commands?

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Any dog ​​needs training. Without it, the animal will be uncontrollable and will only cause you inconvenience, even if it is calm and friendly. To accustom the dog to a certain schedule of walks, to establish taboos on certain actions (for example, barking at each guest or sleeping on the couch), to make it clear who is in charge and who needs to be listened to - all this is part of education.

How to teach a dog to follow commands and not spoil its psyche?

It is more difficult with teams. What if you do not have time for dog training courses, and how to teach a dog to follow commands on his own? In theory, everything is simple, in practice - training will require a lot of time and effort.

Stages of training

In general, training is a very individual phenomenon. Much depends on the age, breed, sex of the dog, on its temperament and your character. The order of work given in the article is approximate and can be changed.

 So, first you need to convince the dog to obey. The "whip" cannot be used. Remains "gingerbread" - the puppy's favorite treat. First, show the dog what to do. For example, if he is learning to lie down, you should sit down next to him and press your hand with the treat to the floor.

 Repeat the command and as soon as the dog understands what needs to be done and lies down, give him a treat. Train every day. Gradually, the dog will remember the command and will obey you.

 Remember one command? Start learning another one. When the dog is doing it quickly, you can proceed to the next. When learning new commands, at the beginning of the training, repeat the ones you have already learned. It is important that the dog does them accurately and without delay.

 Over time, you can give up treats. Reduce the number gradually so that the dog becomes accustomed to following commands without reward. Replace the treats with a kind word ("good dog", "well done") and affection.

Basic rules of training

You can train any dog ​​- both purebred, with an excellent pedigree, and a mongrel. It is important to start education from an early age: the older the animal, the more difficult it is to get it to do something on command.

 Consider the age of the puppy. It is unlikely that you teach a six-month-old child to go to the potty and eat on his own. It's the same with dogs. A small, three-month-old puppy will follow one or two commands every other time. A dog that is six months or a year old will understand you better, will be able to remember up to five commands. There is no need to demand more from the puppy than he can accomplish.

 The most important rule is not to use the whip to teach commands. The dog does not have to understand and obey you. You do not need to scold her if she did not understand what you want or, forgot the command, and, moreover, you do not need to use your hands. Otherwise, you will raise a slaughtered or aggressive and dangerous dog.

 Please note: at first, it is better to teach the dog alone, without the help of other family members. So the puppy will immediately understand who is in charge and who to listen to first. Subsequently, others can join the training.

 Many people ask how to teach a dog commands , and what to do if it does not understand. Someone thinks that dog handlers have their own "secrets" that allow you to train any dog. This is not true. The whole "secret" is in the time and attention that you give your pet. You cannot raise an animal if you spend two to three hours a day on it. We need persistent, constant work.

 What can you teach your dog yourself?

It's easier to say what is not allowed. With a dog handler and only with a dog handler, you can learn complex and potentially dangerous commands. Such as "hold", "fas", "fu". If you want to make a protector and a fighter out of a dog, go to the courses. Only a professional has the protection and experience of working with large pets.

You can go to the dog handler and memorize the commands "face" or "hold" only after the dog has learned to sit or lie down at your first word. It is not only the very fact of the command that is important, but also the contact with the owner. The dog must see you as a best friend and leader, otherwise it will be dangerous.

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