How To Choose The Right Collar For Your Dog

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Every dog, without exception, has a collar, be it a miniature Pomeranian or a majestic Great Dane. Naturally, each breed and each size of the four-footed friend has its own collars and accessories, but there are also collars for various types of dog training.

 It is very difficult for you and your dog to understand and figure out what kind of collar you need on your own. Modern manufacturers of accessories and related products for dogs are full of all kinds of offers and options from classic to ultra-sophisticated. Today, a collar that protects against parasites is very popular , as well as all kinds of metal collars.  Therefore, before proceeding with the choice of a collar, decide exactly for what specific purposes you need it, because the first criterion by which collars are divided by type is purpose.

Classic collar made of soft leather

This collar can be either a classic one, made of soft leather, or a guard collar with a special handle for guard and protective service. These collars usually have a lining that is made from soft materials such as fleece or felt. They are soft and pleasant to the dog. Ordinary walking collars have one leash ring, and guard models also have a special handle with which you can hold or hold the dog. Collar impregnated against ticks and parasites are a novelty on the market. For example, a foresto dog collaris a classic soft leather collar, but with a special impregnation, which provides reliable protection for your pet from fleas, ticks and other parasites. It is noteworthy that this type of collar is no different from the classic version, it is very easy to use and allows you to forget about such a problem as searching for ticks after a walk and the constant fear of catching fleas for 7-8 months.

Leather collars are always in fashion and look elegant in a special way. But beauty, as we know, always requires sacrifice. When choosing this type of collar, it is worth considering a lot of quality indicators, and when caring for such a thing, some difficulties may arise. Here, one should take into account not only the quality of the source material, but also the sewing method.

Experienced dog breeders advise buying a leather collar made from a single piece of leather that will be stitched with double stitches and thick thread. This is due to the choice of the highest quality product possible, because the purchase of this accessory is quite an expensive pleasure and, if you already buy such a collar, then for a long time.

Choke collar

This type of collar is a training collar, occasionally an exhibition collar. It is made, as a rule, of leather and a metal chain. This type of collar is not very heavy, therefore it is often used by breeders in everyday life. It has a suffocating effect in its arsenal, but it is extremely humane and is not suitable for serious training and trainings.

 Strict (also called parfos). This is a special collar that should only be used under the strict guidance and supervision of an instructor. The main distinguishing feature of this collar is the thorns. These thorns, when pulling on the leash, cause the dog some discomfort and pain. This collar should be matched to the volume of the dog's neck, do not press with a loose leash and not catch on the ears. When buying a strict collar, you should remember that it is not intended for daily use, but only during the training and training period, otherwise you can cause irreparable harm to the dog, or rather on its mental health, obedience and behavior.

The choke collar has some similarities to the choke collar and is used for training purposes, but it is, in fact, a softer substitute for its counterpart. It is not intended for daily use, and the recommended times for its use are various dog training sessions. But some sources indicate the possibility of using this type in everyday life.

Another type of collar, the main purpose of which is training. It differs in a softer texture and the fact that it can be used in everyday walks. It can be made in the form of a metal chain, as well as leather or synthetic tape. There is no age restriction for use. If the strap is made in the form of a metal chain, it is important that all the links fit snugly together. When talking about metal products of this kind, pay attention to the type of metal. It should be a copper composition - kurogan (the predominance of a dark reddish tint on the collar), and in no case nickel, because it causes allergies in dogs.

Show collar

This type of collar is chosen especially for exhibitions. It is often the same color as the dog's coat (so as not to distract the judges' attention). Sometimes they look like chains, also very thin and practically invisible on the dog's body.

You can talk about collars forever. The world does not stand still and every day there are some new items, including collars-gadgets. The collar can be chosen for any breed of dog. When choosing, take into account the peculiarities of your pet's anatomy, as well as the purpose of using the collar, and then you and your pet will be comfortable and reliable.

Straight Collar

Straight collars are designed for behavior correction and training of often large breeds of dogs. A characteristic difference of this model is the presence of thorns on the inside, which complicate the movements of the pupil in the form of jerks and create discomfort when stretching. At the time of applying such methods of education, you need to follow certain rules and tips that will prevent possible injuries for the dog.

A collar of this kind is used for training adult dogs of large breeds. The specific feature of the structure when pulling the leash creates discomfort. The assortment is diverse: elastic, metal, plate and other products. The size of the thorns is chosen depending on the coat. For pets with smooth hair, you need to choose a collar with short spikes, and in the opposite case, respectively, with long ones. The spikes should be in different directions starting from the middle of the neck. It is important to understand that this type of collar is not suitable for regular use, because the animal can get used to the painful sensations and subsequently not feel them. To come to this type of training is in the most extreme cases.

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