How To Diaper Train Your Puppy


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Important rules for raising a baby to go to the toilet at home

By purchasing a decorative breed of a dog, you avoid many problems, and one of these is the toilet. A small dog can be easily accustomed to a diaper and a tray,

which will allow you not to run out for walks in the early hours, so that your pet can do its business on the street. So, a baby has appeared in your house. How do you train your puppy to go to the diaper and then to the litter box? When they were just born, the bitch licks them accordingly, and the main thing is not to miss the moment when the baby got to his feet and began to actively get acquainted with the world around him. It is clear that in addition to acquaintance, you will have to teach him how to manage his affairs correctly and in the right place. Dogs have seven times more sense of smell than humans, and this must also be taken into account when training.

First Teaching

All breeders begin by first teaching them to go to a newspaper or diaper. Most often, breeders have puppies in confined spaces: pens or cages. Where the baby grows, we remove all carpets, rugs and rags.

We determine in advance the future place where the pet will go. We cover as much space as possible with diapers or newspapers. A small puppy will not choose a place, but at first he will pee where he wants to, but while they are small, they will write very, very often.

No Newspaper Or Diaper

the puppy will write on the floor. Consider the size of a miniature dog, for it these are large spaces, so during the first days it is advisable that the floor was laid to the maximum. As soon as you noticed that the baby went to the diaper, we immediately praise, we give something tasty. 

In no case - do not yell, do not wave a newspaper in front of your nose and do not poke your nose into a puddle, otherwise you will get the opposite result, a nervous dog that, when you approach, will cram under the sofa.

 If the dog puffs on the floor, gently blot the area with a diaper and let the puppy sniff. Rinse the floor in this place well. 

Also now in pet stores are full of products and sprays for scaring off puppies. You can handle all the places where the baby is not allowed to write. 

And you always need to remember - this is a long and painstaking process. As the puppy grows and gets used to the space and home, carefully move the newspapers or diapers to the place that you predetermined. You need to move very slowly, only 2-3 cm per day. We gradually remove some of the diapers. And so on until there is only one diaper left in the right place. Do not rush to return the carpets to their places, in order to avoid that it is enough once for the dog to pee on them, and we will start the process with the diapers again.

You Can go the other way

as breeders do, we limit the space. Making a corral. Nowadays, getting a fairly roomy playpen or cage for a puppy will not be a problem. We cover the entire floor in the pen with diapers or newspapers. Thus, we present the dog with a fact and do not give him a choice of where to go to the toilet. The first week the puppy pees on the entire covered space, then, after about a week, we remove one diaper and then after a day or two we remove the next one.

When the puppy does everything right and you saw it, according to the same scheme - we praise, stroke, give delicious. The puppy generally goes to the bathroom as soon as it wakes up or has eaten. Constantly is, as he grows, in the corral, he will not be able to. We'll have to release, so we follow, as soon as the baby crouches down - we immediately transfer it back to the diaper. Over time, the dog will understand. Do not change the diaper as soon as he pee, let the smell remain for the next time.

In order for the dog to gradually learn to walk into the tray, we cover the tray with a diaper and as the rest are removed, in the process of training, the dog will get calmly and to the covered tray. Trays are also different, if the dog is a decorative breed, respectively, you need a tray with low sides, you can purchase a tray with a post, wrap the post with the same newspaper or diaper.

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