How To Find A Good Litter Box For Your Cat


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Domestic cats, not having the opportunity to relieve themselves on the street, do it in a special litter box. Fillers that absorb waste products and an unpleasant odor are poured into it.

In the article, we will consider what kind of litter boxes there are, what to look for when choosing a suitable cat litter box, and give recommendations on its use.

Criteria for choosing a litter box for a cat

Manufacturers create cat litter boxes of various types and sizes. When choosing a product, the owner needs to take into account many nuances - the age of the pet, ease of cleaning, the number of animals in the house, etc.

What to look for when buying a tray:

1- Product material. Toilets for cats are made of different quality plastics. Cheap designs from unscrupulous manufacturers often have an unpleasant chemical odor that repels animals. In addition, such trays quickly deteriorate, which will require additional costs for the purchase of a new accessory.

2- Tray size. Small designs are only suitable for kittens. For adult animals, it is better to purchase a spacious pot where the cat can calmly turn around and fulfill its natural needs, without restricting movement.

3- Construction type - open or closed. By using an open pet tray, the owner can freely control the cleanliness of the litter. The second type of litter box allows the cat to perform its natural needs without prying eyes. Ideal for shy cats, as well as for animals that really like to actively "bury" their waste.

4- The need to use a filler. Some cats are great at going to the toilet without a free-flowing mixture. In such cases, you can use a special tray with removable sides. If your cat is accustomed to "digging" in the ground after stool, choose a closed tray or with high sides to limit the spillage of litter.

Types of open trays

Manufacturers create litter boxes for domestic cats. Open trays with high and low sides (optional) are especially popular. Such models are often rectangular in shape. They can be supplemented with a grating-limiter.

1- Regular (traditional)

Conventional cat trays - comfortable construction in ergonomic design up to 7 cm high. Easy to clean from dirt. It does not cause difficulties when replacing the filler. The ideal solution for toilet training in small kittens.


compact size;

light weight;

low price.

2- With high sides

The classic high-sided tray is created in the shape of a rectangle with slightly rounded corners. The dimensions of the structure are different, the height of the sides is from 12 cm.


scattering of the filler outside the tray is excluded;

easy hygienic care of the product.

3- With mesh

Cat litter box is a regular litter box equipped with a removable plastic lattice insert. The filler is placed under the mesh, which excludes spillage. It can be used without filler, but then you will often have to wash the main part of the structure, which will eliminate the spread of the unpleasant odor of cat feces.

The popular and inexpensive model is suitable for cats of different ages. The mesh is easy to clean under running water. If the cat does not want to relieve itself through the grate, on which sharp claws sometimes cling, the owner can remove the removable accessory and organize a more convenient home toilet for the pet.

4- With removable frame

The spacious plastic tray with a removable side frame is very easy to use. The removable panel is easily removable, which can be done when cleaning the tray. Such a toilet is practically used without filler. The owner can line the entire perimeter of the tray with plastic wrap and fix it with a side. The film can be easily removed with natural waste and thrown away.

5- Corner

Corner trays are standard pots that differ in shape. They can also have removable sides of different heights. Convenient for installation in the corner of the toilet.

Closed litter box for a cat

The closed tray house is an original design with a door, side walls and a top cover that limit the visibility of what is happening inside. In such a toilet, the cat feels fully protected from prying eyes.

*Advantages of the house tray:

- beautiful design and aesthetic appearance

- excludes the spread of the filler outside the structure

- blocks odor well

- can be installed in any part of the apartment.

When accustoming a domestic cat to such an unusual toilet, it is recommended to remove the door for the first time so that the animal can freely pass inside the house-tray.

Dry closet

The dry closet is a modern closed-type cat litter box with built-in charcoal filters that absorb unpleasant feces odors. An antibacterial napkin is placed at the bottom of the toilet, excluding the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, and a replaceable filter plate, designed to operate for 6-7 months. Only solid waste will have to be removed regularly.

Dry closets for cats are produced by Japanese and Italian manufacturers. They are relatively expensive, but eliminate the need to change the litter daily after a bowel movement.

Automatic toilet

An automatic toilet for cats is powered by the mains, connected to the sewerage and water supply. Equipped with a touch control system, replaceable cartridges with a cleaning device.

The “smart” toilet independently cleans the “territory”. This process lasts 30 minutes. Disinfection takes place with the use of special detergents that are absolutely safe for the animal body. Periodically, you need to change the cartridges with the cleaning compound and fill the system with detergent fillers.

Tips for operating a cat litter box

The choice of a cat litter is based on different criteria. It is very important to create a comfortable place for your pet for bowel movements, otherwise you will not be able to toilet train your cat.

If the animal has already been accustomed to a particular litter box and litter, it is not worth making adjustments. It is better to purchase a similar accessory with which the cat will quickly "make friends".

Basic rules for using the tray:

- avoid heavy dirt, regularly clean the tray and replace the filler;

- to clean the structure, use safe compounds with an antibacterial effect without a pungent odor.

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