How To Raise A Kitten With Simple Tips

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Many people are keen to own pets, especially cats, as they are beautiful animals, but do you think of a question, how do I raise a kitten and what are the important tips for raising it?

Raising cats is one of the beautiful things that teaches us the meaning of doing good and taking responsibility, but before that, you should pay attention to some important things in raising cats, especially kittens that need more care.

 How do I raise a kitten?

Before you know the answer to the question of how to raise a kitten, you must first pay attention to several important tips related to raising cats, because kittens differ in their upbringing from older cats, so they must take into account their sleep times, food and treatment methods if any harm befalls them.

Therefore, on the Mohet website, we will provide you with the most important tips to follow when raising kittens, and you should follow the next lines to know the most accurate details on this topic.

In order to understand the question that you always ask yourself, which is how to raise a kitten, you must know the appropriate age at which it is appropriate to separate the cat from its mother.

If you decide to buy a cat or you have an opportunity to choose the age of the cat that you will raise, you must choose a cat whose age exceeds fifty days from the period of its weaning, but if it is during the period of breastfeeding it will be difficult to raise it or deprive it of its mother before the weaning period.

But if you are obliged to raise a cat younger than fifty days old, you must take care of keeping it warm, as at that young age you need to warm the mother, so you must compensate her for this lost feeling by preparing her sleeping place in a good way and covering her during sleep.

The appropriate time to wean cats

Cats can be weaned after completing two months of age, and then food can be introduced to them gradually, so you can feed them four meals a day until they reach 6 months, and after this age, they can be fed 3 meals a day.

Appropriate food for kittens

 Raising kittens begins with making sure to feed them, but how do I raise a kitten and feed it good and healthy food, the little cat is like a small child and is similar to many things, including the ability to eat, so you can gradually introduce food to the kitten and diversify the food provided to him.

It is recommended to provide her with food at a rate of every two hours, and if she is of breastfeeding age, you must feed her milk with a bottle like a baby, until her back is more than 45 days old, she enters the food, which is a gradual rate to discover the extent of her acceptance of various foods.

It is possible to provide the cat with food prepared at home and notice its response to the types of food prepared at home, then introduce some cat foods that are sold in animal food stores, and kittens also prefer to eat eggs, bananas and drink milk.

You can try and discover by experience its response and love to some types of food but not others, as the little cat is very smart and understands the emotions of people around her with precision, so be careful when dealing with it and providing food to her.

As the age of your cat increases, you must supply the rate of food that you give it to it, after the age of two months to four months it will start to grow more so it needs more nutrients to grow properly.

Keep the kitten clean

After I know how to raise a kitten, I must know how to properly clean a kittenCats are considered pets that prefer to be cleaned regularly. 

If you monitor a cat, you will always find it trying to clean itself after eliminating its need, so you should take care to clean it, especially after eliminating its need.

Healthy sand or even regular sand can be used when cleaning, and pet shops are filled with lots of sand that you can use to groom and care for your kitten.

And after the cat exceeds the sixth week of life, it can be trained to toilet and clean itself, and with time, it will be able to do these things on its own without much interference from you.

Care for cat's nails and mustache

It is not preferable to cut cat whiskers because the mustache has a strong function in the cat’s ability to measure distances around him and compare them in a more accurate sense than that for the cat who maintains his balance in controlling and seeing things around him.

You must also take care and keep the cat's nails trimmed, because when the cat feels upset or angry, it can scratch its owner and cause him some wounds, or scratch furniture and cause damage to it, and the cat's nails, if not trimmed, infect the owner with some types of bacteria and diseases harmful to the health The human.

When cutting the cat's nails, you must return to the veterinarian to do this so that it is not a reason to harm the cat or injure him with something unwanted, but this step can be dispensed with by wearing the cat gloves on his hands so as not to cause harm to others with his long nails, and you will find gloves in animal stores.

Observe the proper preparation of the cat's sleep location

 One of the favorite places for cats to sleep and stay is places that contain sand, especially grainy or coarse sand, so that they are able to relieve themselves without effort, and it is preferable for the cat to have a spacious residence so that it is able to wander around and play without feeling tired from the lack of space.

A special bag must be brought to carry the kitten while going out and hiking, so that it does not feel stressed and tired, as the cat at a young age prefers not to walk completely like a baby, so the necessary tools must be brought for it when taking it with you.

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