How to raise rabbits at home


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The issue of raising rabbits at home is an important topic for many because of its financial return, and there are also types that prefer to be raised as a pet in rabbits are very nice and fun animals, but information about rabbits, places to stay and feeding must be known for those who are considering acquiring a rabbit or establishing a rabbit farm. We will clarify many points on this topic.


Rabbits are known scientifically as Leporidae, and they are of the order of rabbits, which is a rank of the classification of mammals, which are cute-shaped animals and are considered to be intelligent and social mammals, and rabbits differ in their personality from another rabbit, so we find a stubborn rabbit and another fierce and lazy and another shy, and because people interested in raising Bunnies don't know much.

On this subject, they get rid of the rabbit when it grows up, and because the personality of rabbits is different from any pet, so it is believed that the strain affects the selection of pet rabbits, but it can be chosen according to the personality, there are no differences in the different breeds, and the person raising must have the ability Great to adapt to them.


You must provide good housing that is suitable for the condition of the rabbits that you own in terms of number and size so that the rabbit can easily lie down or stretch out naturally and comfortably.

 In addition, a place for food and water is provided inside the house and a special place is provided in which a litter box is placed.

 And to provide a place where rabbits can hide, and it must meet the standards for healthy housing, as there must be openings for good ventilation and the housing is easy in the cleaning process.


One of the most basic things necessary for raising rabbits is water and food in order for the rabbit to live in good health and suitable foods for that straw. Straw is one of the essential nutrients for the rabbit and it must be obtained at all times.

The rabbit also feeds on alfalfa or timothy, which has fiber and protein that the rabbit needs for growth.

 And rabbits can eat vegetables such as spinach, cabbage or watercress, or you can offer them some fruits such as bananas, berries, carrots or apples, but on the condition that you provide them with small quantities because these fruits contain high sugars.

Important advice and instructions

It is important when raising rabbits to pay close attention to some things that could harm rabbits and make you not benefit from them greatly, and among the most important of these things are the following:

 You should avoid offering rabbits with foods that could harm them, such as beans, corn, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, potatoes, turnips, peas or onions.

Avoid feeding them such foods as meat, bamboo, grains, seeds, leftover household foods, any dairy product, or any cooked foods.

Rabbit cages

Cages are made of metal, tin, or plastic, and these cages are small in size. These batteries also contain special places and eyes in which rabbits are placed, and the female and male are also placed in individual places.

It also contains lines for water, food relations and places called birth homes, and below we show the method of raising rabbits at home, and the most important benefits resulting from it:

* Keeping rabbits is very easy for the keeper when using these cages

* Cleaning it is one of the easiest things, by disposing of the waste and by ventilating the place only.

* The drinking process takes place inside the cages automatically, and this results in reducing the incidence of infections and diseases.

* Cages protect rabbits from being attacked by rodents or insects.

* Cages come in many different shapes and sizes, and there are medium, small and large ones, and you can choose from them.

How to choose rabbits

There are many different rabbit breeds, which differ from one region to another, and rabbits are intermarried of different strains, and this results in the multiplicity of strains and the production of some new strains, and this is called cross-mating.

Breeds also differ in their names, types, and special characteristics, so it must:

The breeder determines which breed he loves to raise, such as the New Zealand and Californian rabbit breed, which is characterized by large meat production and white fur.

It should also be noted that there are some breeds that are suitable for breeding at home and others are suitable for breeding on the farm only, so the types and strains that he wishes to raise must be determined.

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