Large SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap (cat accessories)

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Large SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap (cat accessories)

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Cat flap for large cats and small dogs, with chip reader and 5 locking modes, personalized modes possible, double locking mechanism, for doors, walls and glass doors.

The Sure PetCare SureFlap Large Cat Flap with Microchip Reader is ideal for large breed cats and small dogs. A built-in detector reads the microchip implanted in the animal and does not allow foreign animals to pass. You can also use the cat flap with the radio identification (RFID) collar pendant included in the delivery.

For even more security against intruders, the cat flap is equipped with a double external locking mechanism.  This is automatically activated as soon as a foreign animal is recognized. Raccoons, for example, will no longer be able to enter your home by opening the cat flap from the outside.

The little extra of the SureFlap cat and dog door? It offers you the possibility of programming at what time you wish to block entry or exit. You can easily choose when the cat flap is locked or unlocked.

Give your pet more freedom and security with this remotely controllable cat flap! The Sureflap Connect Microchip Cat Flap is the world's first cat flap that works with a free app, Sure PetCare,  to download to your smartphone (IOS and Android). Through a cat head shaped hub, data about the SureFlap cat flap is transmitted to your phone. This way you can not only lock and unlock the door remotely, but also know when your animals enter and leave the house. The cat flap recognizes your pet's microchip or Sure Petcare RFID tag (included in delivery) and thus prevents other pets from entering your home.

Advanced DualScan technology will allow you to individually control the entry and exit of each of your cats. Ideal in homes with multiple animals, you can program up to 32 animals at the touch of a button. The cat flap opens only to the passage of previously registered animals and also transmits information to your phone concerning the comings and goings of your animal.. The SureFlap Connect cat flap is suitable for all doors, windows and walls. To retrieve all the information about your animal live on your smartphone, all you have to do is connect the hub to your internet router.

*Features of the SureFlap Microchip Large Cat Flap for Dogs and Cats:

- cat flap for large cats and small dogs

- prevents access to stray cats and intruders:

      possibility of registering up to 32 chip numbers

     works with all common chip numbers (9, 10 and 15 digits)

     for animals that do not have a chip:  can also be used with a pendant for a   necklace operating by radio identification

     scratch-resistant frame: prevents access to intruders

- limited access: cats are not allowed to enter, but once inside all registered cats can exit

- double locking mechanism: automatically activated as soon as a foreign animal is recognized

- magnetic lock: locked in the middle when the pet door is not in use

- 6 additional personalized modes: unusual cases (for example longer closing times)

- technical characteristics :

     battery operated (4 LR14 batteries, not included)

     battery life: up to 12 months

     LCD display for easy programming

     low battery indicator

- warranty: 3 years

- possibility of deactivating the chip reader

- solid and secure design

- modern design

- color: brown or white

- 5 locking modes:

     position 1: input and output (normal mode / standard settings)

     position 2: entry only

     position 3: output only

     position 4: locked

     position 5: locking and unlocking times (output blocking)

- dimensions:

     total: W 26.2 x H 28.1 cm

     dimensions of the necessary cut-out: W 20.7 x H 23.4 cm

     passage: W 17.8 x H 17 cm

     tunnel depth: 7 cm

- mounting options: on all doors, walls and glass doors

- adapter for glass doors (not supplied)

     diameter: 38 cm

     covers holes with a diameter of 29.4 to 32 cm

- tunnel extension (not supplied):

    for mounting in a wall

    an element allows the tunnel to be extended by 5 cm

    possibility of connecting several extensions to each other

 - does not allow drafts to pass through

- included in delivery:  SureFlap  cat flap, 1 RFID pendant, screws in 3 different lengths, instructions for use.

- technical characteristics :

door :

    battery operated

    - 4 LR14 batteries (not included in delivery)

    -  in normal operation, the batteries last at least 6 months

    - indicator and notification via the app indicating that the batteries are almost empty

   - works without power supply


   - 2.4 GHz

  - USB cable length: 1.50m

  - Ethernet cable length: 1.50 m

  - mains plug with 2 mounting adapters

 - power supply: input: 100-240 V, 0.2 A, 50-60 Hz; output: 5.0 V, 1.2 A

smartphone application:

  - smartphone operation: iOS9 or later, Android 4.4 or later

  - compatible with operating systems: latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer under Mac OS X 10.9 or later and Windows 7 or later.


Designed for large cats and small dogs

• Curfew Mode: The cat flap can be programmed to lock and unlock at certain times.

Includes RFID tag if pets are not microchipped (additional tags sold separately)

Selective entry but all animals can exit.

The chip reader is located on the outside of the cat flap

Battery life up to 12 months (4 R14 batteries not included)

An indicator light will flash when the batteries need to be changed

Manual lock to prevent your pet from entering or leaving

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