The Most Famous 10 Types Of Dogs And Cats

Did you know that there are differents types of Dogs and Cats in the world , so here in this article we present to you the top 10 famous of each of them.


1. The Siberian Husky

Originally from Russia , the Siberian husky has long been used as a working dog, especially for transporting people and goods by sled. Its lupine appearance , muscular body, blue or minnow eyes, along with abundant fur, have made it one of the favorite breeds of dog lovers as well as the most beautiful dog breed for many people. As pets, they need regular physical activity and are prone to certain illnesses, such as cataracts , epilepsy, and spinal deformities.

2. The Golden retriever

Originally from the United Kingdom , the Golden Retriever is presented as a friendly dog, affectionate with children and who creates strong bonds with members of his family, so much so that he is often considered the most affectionate dog . Playful and covered with a silky hair that makes you want to stroke it, it lights up the lives of many people around the world. Being a calm dog breed, the Golden Retriever may not be the best guard dog, but is hands down one of the friendliest and easiest to train which makes them a popular dog among homes. The hip dysplasia and obesity are the most common health problems that dogs of this breed can experience.

3. The Poodle

The poodle is a small dog native to France , which was very popular among royalty during the 15th century. Today, the love of the poodle has become almost a fury, so much so that it could be said that it is one of the breeds most spoiled by their guardians. His compact size and adorable appearance are some of his traits that make this dog popular and that many consider him to be one of the cutest dogs around. The Poodle is a dog with solid health, although it is prone to certain minor illnesses, such as ear infections .

4. The German Shepherd

Probably one of the most well-known dog breeds, at least in France, the German Shepherd is imposing and has a sleek and sturdy body. It is one of the favorite dogs among those looking for a noble and loyal companion , which is why it is also an excellent police dog , besides being among the most intelligent dog breeds . Previously, it was used in Germany as a sheepdog, tasked with rounding up the flock and ensuring that it was not eaten by foxes or sheep were stolen. Its most common health problem is hip dysplasia, which breeders try to eradicate by avoiding breeding individuals who suffer from it.

5. The Yorkshire terrier

Originally from Scotland , the Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog, with a hairy and soft appearance, ideal for people living in apartments or in confined spaces. Don't be fooled by its size : in ancient times it specialized in mouse hunting, and it is still a territorial breed today, which will defend its space by barking and biting hard if necessary. They can live up to 20 years, but regularly suffer from heart problems , digestive problems , cataracts, etc.

6. The Dalmatian

Originally from Croatia , the Dalmatian is recognizable thanks to his white coat covered with black spots which, in addition to making him a very original dog, makes the Dalmatian one of the most beautiful dogs. As if that didn't make him cute enough, the cinema took it upon himself to immortalize him with the film 101 Dalmatians . Before becoming an excellent companion dog, he was present in the royal carriages because he was considered very elegant. Even today, he accompanies many firefighters, thanks to his great intelligence and his sense of smell, very useful for finding people in the event of a natural disaster. They are likely to be deaf (even at birth) and develop kidney stones.

7. The Boxer

Of German origin , the boxer is a breed of a dog of medium size and stylized silhouette, but muscular. The Germans used it as a messenger in wartime and even today as a police dog in some parts of the world. He is a loyal and playful dog with a strong personality . Despite being an active breed, it often suffers from heart disease, cancer, and allergies, among other health issues.

8. The Chihuahua

Originally from Mexico , the Chihuahua is considered the smallest breed of dog in the world , and now appears to have become the quintessential new pocket dog. They tend to be affectionate to the point of sometimes becoming possessive with their owners, whom they like to accompany everywhere. Because of their lifelong appearance as a baby dog, and their precious appearance, they are considered to be among the most elegant dogs in the world . Due to their size, Chihuahuas are a fragile breed, which will require regular exercise to grow stronger. They are genetically deformed at the hip and are prone to epilepsy.

9. The English Bulldog

Native to the United Kingdom , the characteristic that most distinguishes the English Bulldog is the presence of multiple folds on its skin . He is a medium sized dog with a strong body. We generally speak of a quiet dog, among the calmest dogs there is , but with a strong personality. As for their health, they often suffer from brachycephalic syndrome due to the shape of their skull, as well as difficulty breathing.

10. The Beagle

Also native to the United Kingdom , the Beagle is an ancient dog breed, with origins dating back 2,000 years, although its current characteristics were developed on English soil in the 19th century. Due to its intelligence and great sense of smell , the beagle remains one of the favorite breeds of rescue teams, especially in mountainous regions. Epilepsy, obesity, and hip dysplasia are common in this breed.



1. Siamese cats

Siam (xiān) is a world-famous shorthair cat and a representative breed of shorthair cat. The race was native to Siam (now Thailand ), hence the name Siamese cat. This type of cat is the representative of the short-haired cat breeds. Their characteristics are active, witty, and flexible. There are more colors of this type of cat, with more than 30 kinds of coat colors.

2. British shorthair cats  

British shorthair cat has a chubby body, stubby limbs, well-developed limbs, short and dense hair, a large head and a round face, gentle and calm, friendly to people, and easy to raise. The short and dense hairs are elastic and can wrap the whole body tightly. Good cold resistance. Among them, the more famous British shorthair cats are gradient, blue and white, blue cats, etc.

3. Tabby cat

The Chinese Pastoral Cat is not easy to get sick and does not love home. If you have a tabby cat, just wait to be fed. And it's very edible, and the orange cat is one of them. Commonly known as orange pig and raccoon pig. Hahahahaha. The coat color on the neck and belly of the tabby cat is gray and white, and the coat on other parts of the body is black and gray stripes, shaped like tiger skin, and the coat is short, shiny and smooth. The cat has a strong ability to catch mice, has a high litter rate, and is afraid of the cold. The relationship with the owner is not very close.

4. Persian cats

Persian cats are intelligent, responsive and easy to train; they are docile in character, elegant in demeanor, easy to get along with, low voice, and love to act coquettishly. Long-haired, chubby. Medium-sized to large-sized are available. The bones are strong and muscular. The limbs are short and straight, and the soles of the feet are short and round. The tail is short and symmetrical with the body, the hair is bulky and long, very noble and stylish. Classic Persian cat; the colors of the two eyes are different.

5. Norwegian Forest Cat

It is a cat that lives and survives in the Norwegian forest. This is a species unique to the Scandinavian Peninsula. Its origin is unknown. It often appears in Nordic mythology as a fairy-like cat. The appearance of the Norwegian forest cat is similar to the Maine Coon cat , and is on the same line as the Siberian forest cat . The forest cat grows in a very cold and harsh environment, so it has a thicker coat and a stronger physique than other cats.

6. Puppet Cat

This cat is a kind of hybrid pet cat, one of the heaviest and largest cats in the world. Elegant and beautiful appearance and character, it is called "fairy cat". For the current environment where appearance is justice, as long as the ability is sufficient, I think most people will choose it as their master.

7. American shorthair cats

 American shorthair cats are known for their burly physique, strong bones, well-developed muscles, intelligent nature, and docile personality. They are medium and large breeds of shorthair cats. The coat is thick and dense, with as many as 30 coat colors. It is more clingy and suitable for children and the elderly.

8. Angora

The Angora is one of the oldest breeds, originating from Turkey . It was introduced into Europe in the 16th century, into Italy and France, and then into the United Kingdom. It was mainly distributed in France and Britain. It was the most popular long-haired breed at that time. Angora cats are very clean. For example, they often lick and protect their fur. They also like to play in water very much. They look very similar to Shandong lion cats.

9. Scottish Fold Cat

The Scottish Fold cat is approachable, gentle and intelligent. It is a cat species that has genetic mutations in its ears . Since this cat was first discovered in Scotland, it was named after its place of discovery and physical characteristics. This cat has a fold in the cartilage , which makes the ears bend forward and point to the front of the head. Because of this, this cat suffers from congenital orthopedic diseases and often sits up and down to relieve pain.

10. Jin Jira cat

The Jin Jila cat has short limbs, petite and dexterous body. The whole body is full of thick hair. The hair color is silver and gold. It is smooth and full of luster. The tail is short and fluffy. The eyes are large and round, blue-green, green, and grandmother. green. Jingila cats have a gentle personality, love to be clean, and have a serious addiction to cleanliness.

There are different breeds of cats, but some have captured the attention of people more than other breeds, whether for their physical beauty, character or intelligence. This is the reason why we presented to you through our article, the 10 most popular dogs and cats in the world.


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