How To Stop A Dog From Biting


If you have opened a page with this topic with considerable interest, it means that you, too, have comprehended the problem of a biting toy terrier or chihuahua puppy. As a rule, small dogs do not bite and do not attack their owners, they are quite peaceful and affectionate animals, but still the problem exists and concerns mainly dogs with a choleric type of temperament.


What is the reason for this behavior? Aggressiveness and anger? Not. As a rule, the owners of puppies who have not yet changed their teeth complain about the fact that the dog bites. From this it follows that one of the reasons for this behavior of small dogs is the change of teeth. Another reason is the playfulness of the puppies, who do not yet know “what is good and what is bad”. These reasons are effective for puppies under 4, 5 months old. If your dog is older, the reasons lie elsewhere. A small dog, reaching the age of 4.5 months and biting the owner, most likely belongs to the dominant type and in this way tries to prove its dominant position in the house.


Reading the forums and sections of advice on the behavior of small breed dogs, one can come to the conclusion that each owner solves the problem of a biting puppy in his own way. Each of them has its own methods and techniques for raising a pet. All owners are united in only one thing: the problem should not be allowed to go by itself, otherwise a spoiled dog will grow out of the puppy, not knowing its place. No one wants to get an ill-bred dog who does not understand what is hurting the owner.


Let's try to isolate the main tips and tricks to combat the habit of biting in the midst of a large chaotic volume of information. And also figure out which of the techniques are absolutely unacceptable in relation to the dog and will lead to the opposite result.


Unacceptable techniques (myths)

So, let's start with the main myths or with what absolutely cannot be done!


Myth # 1 is democratic.

It is proposed to let the situation take its course. Arguments are attached, such as “Will outgrow. Let it scratch your teeth, ”we sweep aside immediately. A dog will not outgrow and understand until you teach it to. You will not demand from the baby that he understands that there is no need to stick his hands in his mouth. At the very least, you will give information that this should not be done. And it is desirable to present the information so that the puppy, like the child, understands it. And I remembered. Let not immediately, but a beginning must be made.


Myth # 2 is sadistic.

The following options are offered to combat the habit of biting, such as slapping on the nose, butt and other parts of the body. Do not try! Firstly, it is strictly forbidden to beat a dog for the following reasons: you love it (that terrier, Chihuahua) very much - this time, the dog can harbor anger - these are two, angry shouts and a slap can provoke the dog even more, provoke further attacks Is three. There is no need for violence, it has never led to good results. Secondly, the nose is a very painful place in a dog. Will the hand go up to hit the kid? I think no. Especially if you arm yourself with patience and knowledge of the correct techniques.


Myth # 3 is liberal.

"Smoothly bring the game to no." This number will not work. It is clear that the dog will stop biting you as soon as the game is over. But it is important for us not to get away from the problem, but to solve it. It is not necessary to immediately stop trying to bite you, but to make the dog understand that such behavior is unacceptable.


Correct methods of struggle

So what if your little dog bites while playing? The methods of dealing with a biting toy terrier or chihuahua depend on what is the reason for the desire to bite. As stated above, if the dog bites before 4.5 months, this is most likely the reason for the puppy's teething or playfulness. In this case, there are two options for the owner's reaction to the problem:

Forwarding method.

When a puppy wants to play, he, according to the rules of the animal world, bites the owner's hand, leg or other part of the body, thereby involving him in the game. The best reaction to such a provocation will be a sharp, piercing loud "Aarp!" Sound, like the one that a bitten puppy makes when it hurts. Your dog should recoil in surprise. You can immediately offer the puppy a toy, to which he will turn his attention, realizing that it is she who should be the object of the bite, since it is absolutely unpleasant to bite you, because you make sounds of pain. Just a few of these reactions, and the puppy will stop biting you while playing.


Timeout or ignore method.

If the puppy bites you while playing, quickly interrupt the game, get up and leave the room. Ignore the puppy for 15-20 minutes. A small dog will quickly understand that by biting you, it loses a companion to play. The urge to bite will by itself come to naught.


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