Why Does A Dog Become Uucontrollable


"My dog ​​has become uncontrollable", "The puppy does not want to do what I tell him" - such remarks can often be found on various forums dedicated to dogs. The owners are perplexed how such cute creatures as decorative puppies do not want to understand everything the first time. Indeed, after all, their children went with their feet the first time, learned to hold a spoon and talk.

 Quite often, dog owners choose to blame their pet for what is happening. But are they right? A dog by its nature is called upon to obey - this is inherent in its psyche and reflexes. If the owner fails to take advantage of the mechanism proposed by nature, then, indeed, the mini-dog becomes a kind of monster that will have to be turned into a loyal friend for a long time and patiently.


I want to obey

Cynology has been studying the behavior of dogs for a long time, so any adequate specialist can confirm the simple truth to you "any dog, regardless of breed, needs a leader, to whom he will obey." Some have the opinion that mini-dogs are some kind of living toys that do not require any effort to educate and train. The result of such an attitude is an uncontrollable animal that will significantly complicate the life of its owner.

 Of course, one should not deny the fact that there are dogs in whom the instinct of dominance is highly developed and it is quite difficult to reverse it. This does not apply to decorative breeds, which by their nature are most adapted to submission. This is why raising a small dog is often much easier than raising a large dog.

 Many may exclaim: "but I'm not a cruel person." However, we are not talking about cruelty. In general, cruelty should not be used in raising a dog, but cruelty is possible only in case. All that is needed is to put yourself and the dog on the correct hierarchy, which will allow you to avoid problems in the future.

 It is worth noting that the sooner you realize that you yourself launched the education of the dog and begin to take the right actions, the sooner the behavior of the animal will be corrected. Miracles do not happen - and even after reading this material and not drawing conclusions, you will not be able to make progress. Until you begin to apply the knowledge gained in practice, you will not be able to transform a dog into an obedient friend.


Steps to Success

Decorative dogs are indeed very cute animals, but they should not be put in the first place. The mini-dog, feeling that everything is forgiven her, will not refuse the opportunity to establish its own chaotic order in the house. And the person clearly will not like the constant barking, gnawed things and other unpleasant "surprises".

 The correct decision would be to show the pet that he is in second place after the owner and his family. Therefore, you should not allow the animal to sleep with you on the bed, as this way you bring the mini-dog too close to you. In addition, this is a matter of hygiene - because the dog's paws are not always clean.

 Still, you have to overcome your laziness and start working with the dog. Believe me, this is not as difficult as it seems. Anyone can find an hour a day to study commands and close communication with a pet. And the joy of unconditional execution of commands will give you many of the most positive emotions. After the first successes, you should not give up training. Even adult dogs have to periodically be reminded of the correct execution of commands, reinforcing the result not only with affectionate words, but also with a delicious treat.

 Always try to stay in line with your dog. A vivid example: many are touched, like a decorative dog asking for hands, putting its paws on the owner's feet. However, the owner's smile fades away in rainy weather, when the mini-dog simply stains his clothes. Naturally, the owner starts yelling at his pet, driving him into a stupor - before, after all, he liked this. Therefore, think over the strategy of your behavior and the line of permissiveness for the dog.


About punishment

Special mention should be made of the punishment of dogs. In the process of upbringing and living together, you still have to punish your pet. There are no ideal dogs in education, and everyone can make "mistakes" in life. It is enough for the owners to react adequately to the mistakes of the animal.

 The main principle is the adequacy of the punishment. Moreover, it should be exactly when the dog does something wrong, and not according to the consequences. Otherwise, you can simply lose the trust of the animal and you will have to spend a lot of time and effort to restore it. And most importantly - do not punish the animal after the command "Come to me", otherwise the pet will be very reluctant to approach you.

 BUT! Puppies quite often play a naughty way when the owners do not have time to satisfy their needs - to give food, water or take them for a walk. This is a simple physiology, so you can only blame yourself for this behavior.

 Do not be afraid to punish the dog, as this will save you from many different problems with the animal in the future, but you should not go too far.

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