Can You Calm Down? ! Several Ways To Calm A Dog


Everyone knows that the guy in our house is full of energy and excitement, especially when he is going out for a walk, letting him out of the cage, and opening the door for a walk, that energy is not calm for a while. Not down. Sometimes we are going to let my family learn how to learn movements and so on, but also all kinds of excitement. Or maybe you go home from work and see your long-awaited reunion in the future, all kinds of tail flapping and wagging.

Moreover, this kind of blind excitement and chaotic character can't be corrected when I was young, but it is a hidden danger of getting into trouble when I grow up. Many dogs see people being blind and excited, which is an important factor in the formation of bad habits in adulthood. So, it would be great if you could master some methods to calm your dog. Xiaoli is here to give the tips and tricks today.


1. When you see a dog, keep calm

When a dog sees us, it will be excited. If we can calm down instantly and hold for a while, the dog will naturally follow us to calm down.

For example, when you are ready to get the dog out of the cage and walk the dog, it is very exciting. At this time, as we approached the cage, the dog began to be very excited and upset. At this time, we calmed down. If we don't open the cage, the dog will soon calm down and start looking at you. At this time, when the dog is relatively calm, slowly open the cage. If the dog rushes out of the cage excitedly, we will close the cage again and wait for it to calm down and attract attention. Looking at you, you open the cage again, and come down several times, the dog will not come out too messy and excited. The habit of measuring wells outside the cage develops slowly.

2. Severe and low tone scolded it

For example, when he is excited, we say "NO" in a low voice, and the dog will calm down when he hears this sound.

3. Scratch the dog's ears or back with your hands

When the dog comes to us, we can touch its ears with our hands or touch its body. At this time, it will become calm because it feels comfortable in the body. .

Fourth, pat the tip of the dog's nose with the back of the hand or push the dog's chest with the knee

When the dog rushes towards us with excitement, we can push the dog's chest with our knees to make its body hurt. At this time, it will also instantly calm down.

Five, quickly stick the dog's favorite items on the dog's nose

If the dog is very excited, we can immediately reach out to the tip of its nose to take what it likes, such as food or play, let it smell and attract its attention. He will also remain calm.

pull the traction rope forcefully

Our leash pulls it, and when the dog gets excited, we use the leash to pause. At this time, the dog will instantly calm down.

The above are some of the methods we use to calm the dog when he gets too excited. But if the dog is excited and flustered because of nervousness and panic, we can only use light caress and comfort. And keep whispering to encourage it to take care of it.


What to do if the dog is not obedient, bites things, let go, urinates and urinates everywhere. This should be the most troublesome thing for dog owners. I will teach you a few methods here. After you are familiar with these methods, you can easily solve these problems by looking for some relative teaching materials on the Internet that correspond to your own dog’s problems. No need to spend money to send to the expensive pet training center, and train yourself at home.

One: name identity

The first step in training a dog is to let the dog have a sense of identity with his name and let it know his name. The method is as follows: After the pet arrives home, repeatedly call your baby's name, and when it looks at you, give the dog a reward. The reward can be food or petting. If you call the dog’s name, your pet ignores you or does not respond, you can use toys and some things that can attract its attention to attract it, and when it shifts its attention to you, give it at this time award.

Two: Appropriate praise

When training dogs, although they can't understand your language, they can understand your tone. A happy tone can let the dog know that he has done what you like. At this time, it will be very effective to cooperate with the reward. It should be noted that when rewarding a dog, the dog must be rewarded immediately when the dog does the right thing, otherwise the dog will not understand why there is a reward. Some people encounter dogs when they are not interested in reward food. This is another small way to teach you. When you feed your child, don't feed too much. Make your dog hungry. This will make things half better.

3: Cooperate with gestures and passwords

When training a dog to do a certain thing, you must use the same password and gestures. Passwords and gestures must be simple, concise, and clear. Remember not to use complicated gestures and long sentences. If you want to train your dog to sit down, send out the command "Sit" as short as possible while he is sitting down. This way your dog can more easily form concepts.

Four: Be prepared for appropriate blame

When you find that your dog has done something wrong, immediately call it aloud to stop it, like "no". The tone may be serious. If you did something wrong, don't blame it anymore so that the dog won't know what you are angry at. For example (e.g. what am I doing?) When your dog goes through the trash, he must scold immediately at the moment he goes through the trash. If you see him turning the trash all over, he will only think that what he has done is wrong, not that it is wrong to turn the trash. So we must master the training method.

Five: graps the time for training

The training time for the dog should not be too long, too long will cause the dog's attention to decrease, so the training effect and effectiveness will be greatly reduced. Everyone can take small meals and eat more to shorten the training time and increase the frequency of training. If you train for 30 minutes a day, change to training twice a day, once for 15 minutes. This will have better results.

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