Dogs Rushing Around People? Are The Dogs Crazy?


Dogs rushing around people? Are the dogs crazy?

Is the excitement of the dog uncontrollable? The correction is actually very simple!

The way to let the dog calm down quickly, the dog will easily be ecstatic based on our actions, so that it is almost uncontrollable. We can't train when the dog is excited, because the dog can't hear anything at this time. Therefore, we must learn how to calm down the dog.

Ways to calm down the dog

1. Dog owners should keep their emotions calm. You will find that dogs are particularly observant animals. If you are very excited, they will also be very relaxed.

2. Use the prohibition password to order it. Stroking the dog, let it stop its current behavior, and enjoy the owner's petting.

4. Let the dog's body ache, and the dog will calm down almost immediately when he feels the pain.

5. Give your dog favorite items, food, toys, etc. Distracted its attention immediately.

The above is the way to calm the dog at that time, and the easiest and most one-step method is to change the dog's personality. Let the dog calm down. Methods as below......

6. Take your dog to exercise outdoors every day. Enough exercise will consume the dog's energy, and slowly it becomes very calm.

7. Let the dog socialize, that is, let the dog follow you into various human occasions. After a long time, the dog's personality will naturally become calm.


Country dogs have undergone sufficient socialization, and their personality is extremely calm

Use the method of calming the dog to correct the dog's attack

When we come home from work or go out, the dog will pounce on the owner, similar to the action of hugging a human. This is the excitement of the dog, if the owner is equally excited to embrace it. In fact, for a dog, it will make him think that you like this action and you are encouraging it. 

In fact, there is nothing wrong with this kind of action, but this will cause the dog to pounce at everyone. Whether it's a passerby playing outside, a guest coming home, or a courier or the like. You know that your dog can't bite people, but others don't know.

Especially large dogs, most people look scared. Let alone pounce on people. Furthermore, the elderly and children may not be able to withstand this practice, which may cause others to be injured. Therefore, this habit should be corrected as much as possible. If the dog is used to it, some more compulsory means must be used. We try to do it with the method mentioned above.


The evil consequences of a dog's attack

Training method

1. When going home, the owner must first keep calm and don't be excited when you come back, so that the dog will be excited when he sees you. When the dog comes, he immediately tells him to sit down. If the dog is a little messy, he can be forced to sit down and then touch his body. And praise it. Let it understand that the best way for the owner to go home and sit down obediently.

2. If the dog still pounces on you. Do nothing. Push it down gently, don't scold it, just ignore it quietly. Do your own thing without even looking at it, and the dog will find that something is wrong. It will think for itself. After a long time it will find that it shouldn't be punishing.

3. The ultimate method, if the dog has developed a habit or other methods do not work. When the dog rushes over, think of a way to make it hurt. One is to press the knee directly against its chest. One is to grab its paws and squeeze it hard when it comes forward. Both of these methods work, but as I said before, the strength must be appropriate. It's OK if you don't hurt it, and let it feel pain.

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