How To Make The Dog Calm Down Quickly?


 Is The Most Effective Way To Educate A Dog Only To Fight?

Of course not. Fighting is the most incompetent performance of a person. To use an analogy that is not the most appropriate, a man who can beat his wife to achieve control of each other, will everyone praise him for his masculinity? No, we would say that he is incompetent. 

A parent who beats his child and wants him to know that he is the head of the family, do we say he has a leadership aura? No, we will only say that he has a problem with his brain.Don’t think about the reasons, don’t read books, don’t seek professional consultation, don’t reflect on whether this method is right, and don’t distinguish whether other people’s words like "being good after hitting a dozen" are right. 

These are all signs of laziness. People are very dependent on others to provide ready-made answers, and then use them without thinking, and find that there is no effect. They will not feel that there is a problem with the method, but that the dog is getting worse and worse. In the face of behavioral problems that you can’t handle, and in the face of weak dogs, you want to deal with it through beating and scolding to show the wrong concept of "leadership". 

This is really incompetent, because you have not used it and can’t think of other methods. NS.Why is it useless to fight?First of all, why fight? You must think that the dog is doing something wrong. But what is wrong with the dog? This is just a normal expression of a dog's behavior. Find a comfortable place to poop and pee. 

There will be interactions when biting this thing, which can relieve boredom and stress. Barking can drive away fears, but people don’t want it to happen, so they think it is. Wrong, from this perspective, is it unfair for the owner to beat and scold the dog based on the error of human standards?Therefore, when a dog has no misconceptions, if you hit it, it will not know it is wrong, but will only be confused and fearful. The relationship between a dog and a person is very similar to that of a child and a mother. It is not the original intention of raising a pet to make a child feel scared? In the moment of fear, to stop a certain behavior is not to know that it is wrong. If you know that you are wrong, will the behavior continue?And while beating and scolding, the dog will get the attention of the owner, which is a great reward for the dog. 

Maybe you don't know how important your attention is in the dog's heart. For this concern, dogs can fight to death. This is why many behavior problems are mixed with attention seeking behavior. Through learning, dogs know that they may be beaten and scolded, but they are more eager to get your attention. Slap you and give you 10 million, do you want?

The Dog Is So Stupid

 The molar period. There is no research to show that dog bites are necessarily related to teeth grinding. When a dog is young, it is a normal behavior to explore the world through biting, and to practice hunting behavior with his companions through games. So when you bite your foot, you interact with it, it's a game. Why is there no need to bite two bites? What's so fun about dead prey? You play fun games with it. You have to make the chew (prey) alive, keep killing it, and then keep resurrecting the prey, so how can it be interested in your feet and other furniture? Do you remember a scene in the Fourth Dog? Bailey's father kicked him away and he didn't want it to interfere with work. Bailey thought his father loved him very much and was playing with him. The dog is so stupid.

The Vaccine Period Has Not Passed

 Health is important, but the first four months of growing up is the most important period of socialization. During the period of socialization, it needs to know all kinds of things, people, and animals in the world, so that it will not become very excited or afraid because of insufficient socialization. If you are more than one year old, you may always have insufficient socialization, which is difficult to make up for. The owner needs to spend a lot of time and energy to expose the dog to a lot of stimuli, and make as many benign contacts as possible, and it will always be insufficient socialization.

 Do you have the time and energy? Therefore, it is recommended that you can take it out after the first shot. Otherwise, you will have the idea of ​​abandoning it many times. Many dogs are given up in this way.


We call training the communication between humans and animals. To communicate is to say what the other party can understand. Dogs can't learn human languages, but people can learn a language for dogs to understand. This is the instruction. You call it by name, sometimes to let it come, sometimes to let it go away, it will be confused. You say sit down. It’s okay if you don’t sit down this time. Next time you say sit down three times. This is not an instruction. It is only occasionally wrong. So, what you should do is to ask a trainer to take the dog to class. Yes, you need to attend class. What are you studying? Learn expression management, learn to play games, learn to train in the cage, learn to accompany with loose rope, learn to recall, learn basic obedience.

 All this is to learn how to communicate with dogs. Stop saying that dogs are not obedient, this foundation is not established, the dog itself does not understand the nonsense you said. As a responsible master with a heart and power, learning is a must, otherwise, it would just harm a dog.

What Will The Dog Not Do? 

Think about it in reverse, how do I let the dog know what I want it to do? Reward! On the basis of satisfying the basic exercise capacity of the dog, keep telling the dog that I like you to sit, like you to lie on your stomach, like you passing the table without chewing, like you chewing on this toy, like you calmly passing by passers-by , Just praise it with a high-frequency happy tone, touch it, and reward it with snacks. Believe me, dogs will learn very quickly, because you are happy, I will work hard to do it. Their efforts stem from their love for us.

Your Dog Is No Longer A Pup 

your wrong methods have caused many historical problems and even attacks. There are now more and more positive trainers in China. Look for them, buy books, don't listen to the bullshit that you will behave as soon as you hit them, let alone give them up.

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