How To Make The Dog Have More Energy To Learn And Exercise



First of all, against beating dogs. If I were to give a disgusting stimulus, I might throw a metal basin or shove the dog's neck to make a repelling action between dogs. 
In addition, unfortunately, I also want to oppose complete "environmental control".
 In most cases, I love this term. I am very reluctant to explain how trash cans are so attractive to dogs, but I hope that most people can put away your trash cans. 
After a period of isolation, the frequency of dogs turning over the trash cans will decrease. Including ropes, cages, keeping dogs away from chocolate. Okay, here comes the chocolate. 
In fact, we just had a terrible accident with the gangster (my Doberman). Once carelessly, the gangsters stole three pieces of chocolate. The chocolate was found in the refrigerator and was ready to be thrown away. A few minutes before throwing them away, they were just thrown on the garden floor and stolen by thugs. The gangster’s anti-feeding training is very good, but it lacks more extensive and rigorous "simulation" and "anti-interference". Sometimes I even think his behaviors such as stealing toys are very cute.

Mistakes That You made
 As a result, a big mistake was made. During the vomiting after eating chocolate, the bandit’s digestive system and respiratory system suffered comprehensive burns, full bleeding, and almost died of multiple organ failure and aspiration pneumonia several times. He just started to recover in these two days. Talking about this horrible case is to express a point of view.

Environmental Control

 If you rely too much on "environmental control", you will inevitably be negligent, and some negligence will be fatal, such as a bitch on the street suddenly struggling to run to the other side of the street. At the same time of environmental control, certain high-risk behaviors should also be strictly prohibited from training.Now let’s talk about the topic. What I am more anxious about is how to make the dog have more energy to learn and exercise. Half an hour of Frisbee training can make most dogs half tired (five minutes to rest for ten minutes each time the disc is thrown). Go home and fall asleep. If there are new ideas to train, dogs need to spend a lot of brainpower to figure out what they want to get incentives. I have not found a dog that can resist training for too long, including crazy gangsters. I often have to force myself to stop training or playing games in time to ensure that the gangsters are not tired.

Games And Training
So here comes the question. The subject cannot understand what my aforementioned "games and training" looks like. In other words, the first thing the subject has to do is to have a preliminary concept of training and feeding management. And keep the utmost patience and calmness. You learn to play with the dog first: tug-of-war, throw a ball, come, hide and seek, there will be better rewards if you don’t eat anything on the ground, guess the food, drill the cage, and wait. If your dog can't play, congratulations, he is normal and not freak. I don't like to hear people complain about my dog, because I haven't complained about anyone who can't train, I just keep explaining patiently. So, when your dog game has a problem, please find your own reasons, learn more and ask more. A three-month-old dog uses biting, biting, and all the behaviors that you feel uncomfortable to understand the world. They do not have grandpa or grandma chanting five-finger rhymes, nor do they have a teacher to teach people hand words. They use touch and bite to know everything about your hand. There is no need to panic, just after this sensitive period has passed. When the dog behaves like this, you just gently push him away (decisively) and get up and stand without looking at him, or just leave him. Don't make any sounds or other movements. A three-month-old dog still has a lot to learn. I hope the subject is happy for your dog’s plasticity and learn quickly. You are about to face as many difficulties and joys together. Come on.

The General Way To Raise A Dog

The general way to raise a dog is to suggest cages. When the dog eats, sleeps, drinks water and the owner has no time to interact with the dog, the dog stays in the cage. As long as the dog is out of the cage, the leash must be put on.
The owner should establish a schedule for the dog to defecate and take the dog to a fixed point to defecate when the time is up. There must be a timetable for eating, drinking, training, games, etc. at the same time.

This method can completely reduce the challenges you are facing now. On average, the dog’s teeth will itch until it is almost a year old and the permanent teeth are over. The cage method can maximize the regulation of the dog not to bite things that should not be bitten. For example, if you put raw beef bones in a cage, the dog has no choice but to bite in the cage except what is in front of its eyes.

It is normal to bite the trousers and anything that will shake. This is the instinct of hunting. Generally, I always prepare the rubber ball attached to the rope by hand to let it chase and bite, and slowly guide it to obey the password. If it is a password, I will pull the ball and let it chase and bite for a few seconds. Give it a password, use the game of chasing and biting objects as a reward to train the dog, and it won't take long for it to find that this is much more fun than chasing the trousers.


You must also let the dog know the meaning of "no".
When the dog bites me , I will quickly pull up the skin on the back of its neck. It's just skin. Don't pick up the dog. Normally, the dog will scream. , At this time, I said NO loudly at the same time!
Generally, a dog will know after more than a dozen times.



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