Learn The Thoughts And Feelings Of Pet Cats


If you've ever wondered what your pet cat would think when looking out the window and looking outside, or why it would meow loudly in front of your room door if you closed it, it's because cats have independent personality, desires and feelings, and can express themselves just like you. completely.

And we often have such strong relationships with our pet cats that it sometimes seems as if they can read our thoughts, sense our moods, and even treat us in kind, depending on how we treat them

Know the personalities of the owners

In an interview with National Geographic , John Bradshaw, a cat behaviorist expert at the University of Bristol and author of Cat Sense , says that after observing pet cats for several years, he came to an interesting conclusion: they are smarter than we imagine.

The expert explains that the pet cat learns a lot about the personality of its owner and all the members of the house, and it can evaluate them according to certain criteria, after which it determines how to deal with it in a way that suits each of them; Therefore, we find that cats deal differently with each person.

And she can know the character who is able to pamper her and honor her in food, rewards and play, and she accompanies him more than others, and owes him loyalty just like dogs, but in her own way.

She treats us like her children!

Cats with their human friend also use the same behaviors that they use with their kittens.

Bradshaw explains in a National Geographic interview that when, for example, she massages her hands on our bodies and makes a purring sound, or wipes her head and tail at us, she expresses love and affection, as she does with her children. She might even try to brush us with her tongue, out of care and concern as we would the kittens she cares for.

You have a special kind of intelligence

And in an American research entitled How smart are cats? Published in 2014, cats are actually as smart as dogs, contrary to popular belief. It's just that she has a different kind of intelligence.

Unlike dogs, cats are social animals and their instinct is to belong to groups, so cats can defend themselves when exposed to danger; They do not need to rely on others to hunt food if they return to their wild environment.

The results indicate that cats' curiosity outweighs their cautious behavior is also evidence of their high intelligence.

And about the willingness and ability of cats to return to live in the wild and survive as a result of their intelligence in dealing, an investigation by the University of South Australia and published by the Huffington Post website concluded that pet cats cannot become excessively domesticated and completely dependent on humans as happened in the case of pet dogs, and thus cats can She thinks and takes care of herself when necessary, and according to her environment.

You may not like the company of other cats

Although cats are social creatures that don't like being alone, it's no guarantee that your pet cat will get along when you are home with other cats.

According to the Modern Cat website, which specializes in the behavior of domestic cats, the cat is just like humans in social interactions and differences. So owners of multiple pets need to make sure that all of their pets feel safe and familiar before deciding to adopt them.

What do you know about the language of pet cats in love?

As for the language of pet cats in love , it is often compared with the language of dogs in loyalty to their owners and expressing their feelings for them. It is the comparison that often leads us to believe that cats are not loving animals, or that they do not love humans as much, or even that they are aloof, introverted, and arrogant.

“Cats show affection differently than dogs, and they show their love for us in many different ways,” explains Michelle Nagelschneider, an American researcher specializing in cat behavior.

Watch out.. cats are jealous and angry too

Force your cat to do something that doesn't suit her, such as wearing an uncomfortable cat suit, and you'll find that she can express her displeasure by kicking, scratching, and meowing. This is because cats get angry.

"If your cat doesn't feel like it has a choice, be careful and take a step back," Pam Johnson-Bennett, an expert in cat behavior counseling, explains to Modern Cat . Although cats sometimes get angry and express this clearly, they do not hold grudges or think about revenge or bargaining.

Cats are jealous because their social system does not depend on the leadership of the "alpha" personality in their group, but rather on flexible hierarchies in relationships and transactions. They share time and games, taking turns owning important resource sites, such as food and water sites, all the way to hours of playing with their owner.

However, cats are jealous if they find scarce resources; Therefore, the expert advises to allocate several sites for food and water in the event of adopting more than one cat in the same house, in order to avoid provoking jealousy and battles among them, and to distribute the time for entertainment and play appropriately among them.

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