What Kinds Of Dog Toys Are There?


Dog toys can be divided into two categories : alone toys and interactive toys . Alone toys are toys used by dogs when they are alone at home. Usually dogs can play by themselves, such as molar balls; while interactive toys need to be established between the dog and the owner. Interaction is usually a process in which the owner makes a behavior and the dog responds accordingly, such as a Frisbee.

However, as the pace of life of pet owners in cities now accelerates, the time for dogs to be alone is gradually increasing , and more solitary toys are chosen by pet owners .

Regarding teddy dogs, they are very clingy by nature, afraid of loneliness, and are very human pet dogs. So when people go to work to support pet alone at home than other dogs Teddy easier to feel lonely , it is easy to suffer from separation anxiety , severe cases will open defecation, home to acts of vandalism carried Bite , And even constant barking causes disturbance to neighbors.

At this time, some alone toys are needed to distract Teddy's attention, so as not to cause the dog's "depression" situation. And solitude toy of choice, can from the following two steps.

  1. Types of alone toys

·Intelligent toys

Teddy is a relatively smart dog, so how can there be fewer educational toys in terms of toys? The picture below shows an educational toy-a snack ring, which contains ring-shaped snacks. The host can increase the difficulty of the dog's food by adjusting the position of the snacks in the ring to stimulate Teddy's desire to explore toys, so as to relieve the feeling of loneliness when alone at home .

·Leaking food toys

Many pet owners show their love for their dogs by letting them eat, but they have not considered whether the dog can digest and whether it will burden the dog’s stomach. The dog is naturally fast to eat, if he eats it. Too much, from vomiting, to severe symptoms of gastric dilatation torsion syndrome, aggravating stomach pressure, so it is necessary to improve the dog's eating habits.

·This food leakage toy named tumbler in the picture can solve this problem well. The owner can fill the tumbler with food and adjust the size of the opening of the base to control the dog's eating speed , and there is no need to worry about the dog being alone at home The starvation situation.

·Chew toys

For dogs who are in the teething or changing teeth period, even if they are docile like a Teddy, they will have the desire to bite. Therefore, during this period of time, Teddy can choose a biting toy such as the one shown in the picture. Molar fire hydrants, which contain special tooth biscuits, can alleviate the discomfort of gums caused by dogs during this period.

The choice of biting toys should pay attention to the size of the model to avoid swallowing because the toy is too small.

·Vent toys

Don’t think that Teddy is so meek that there is no pressure. Dogs who are often alone at home are prone to stress and become restless , overeating, barking in the middle of the night, biting at home, etc. You can deal with this situation. Choose the bump ball in the picture, the irregular appearance, and the special material soft glue, which can satisfy the dog's vent while protecting the dog's mouth and releasing the dog's pressure .


·Training toys

Teddy is a very clever dog, but it can’t fall behind in its training. When training a dog, the most necessary thing is to attract its attention and at the same time make correct behaviors for the dog. The time should be grasped in time, and the roped clicker trainer in the picture can catch the moment of the dog's correct behavior in time, and help the owner and the dog to communicate efficiently.


This kind of toy is more for training . It is not just for you to throw me to play games, but for practicing canine attention . Those who are a little more professional know that the attention of dogs is very important. A good owner must It is the dog that can attract the dog's attention at any time, especially when going out, there is no owner in his head that rushes forward, and the dog who smells everywhere is obviously a manifestation of lack of attention .

And this kind of toy allows the dog to play, and the owner can take it away at any time, play hide-and-seek games with the dog, and cultivate the dog's attention on people from an early age.

2. The choice of toys alone

Some solitary toys have a certain rubber odor due to their own materials . If this odor is left untreated, the pungent smell will make the dog feel sensitive and thus give up toys, while the light green grass mixed in Xingji toys Incense can alleviate this situation and arouse the dog's interest.

Everyone can watch it on their own. When choosing a toy for a dog, you must pay attention to these two aspects. While ensuring the fun , don’t forget the safety of the toy . Give your dog the most suitable toy, and just leave it alone. I won’t say much about the choice of the brand.



There are many types of dog toys. In terms of functionality, they are basically divided into several categories: bite, catch, functional, and vocal.

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