How Do I Know That My Cat Loves Me? 10 Signs Pet Experts Tell Us


How do I know if my cat loves me? Even though cats don't speak our language, we can understand them and sometimes even communicate with them in certain ways.

How do I know if my cat loves me? Even though cats don't speak our language, we can understand them and sometimes even communicate with them in certain ways.

Cats show their affection for their owner in many ways, such as certain sounds they make, and certain actions that mean "I love you" in the cat dictionary.

How do I know that my cat loves me?

This checklist of some of the unique ways cats express their love for you has been developed by Philip Tedeschi, human-to-feline expert, to help those passionate about raising cats know their cats' feelings. 


Cats usually purr or growl when they are completely relaxed.

And when the cat rubs its body with you and purrs, this behavior is synonymous with the word "I love you."

eye language

When cats close their eyes when another animal or human is around, this is a sign of trust, which is a central aspect of love.

When cats close their eyes, they express their comfort and confidence in the surroundings, so when you do this and let you pet them at the same time, they give you their complete and absolute confidence.

Humans do something similar to this too when they relax their facial muscles in the presence of those they care about. Cats will likely reciprocate slow blinking if you do too.

Abdominal scanning

When cats turn on their stomachs, this indicates that they are feeling relaxed and comfortable.

And if your cat allows you to pat on her stomach, this is a clear sign that she cares for you and is affectionate with you.

But just in case you know your cat doesn't like stroking her tummy, just appreciate her feeling comfortable with you from a distance, and understand this relaxed state as a sign of love.

She treats you like she treats her kids

When a cat tries to care for you by licking your face or eyebrows, you can take this as a sign that she loves you and is affectionate with you.

The cat is interested in cleaning the people she loves by licking her tongue, just as she does with her children, so make sure your cat loves you and takes care of you if she licks you affectionately.

head butting

Cats appreciate the smell very much, and through physical contact represented by head butting and rubbing the cheeks, they leave their scent in you by releasing pheromones that are secreted from the glands in their head, or what is known as "Bunting".

This means that she feels safe with you.

love bites

Your cat may bite some sore muscles and leave a mark on your body, but it's also a sign of love.

If your cat bites you, it is a sign that she is comfortable and wants to play with you.

Thus, any sign of your cat feeling comfortable while playing is true evidence of her love for her breeder.

bring you "gifts"

Cats sharing "gifts" or things they have found, and collecting them near you is a sign of trust. It is true that we may not like the bird or mouse that the cat has found, but her natural hunting instinct interprets this behavior as bringing you a "gift" and is a sign of love.

stay with you

Perhaps the simplest way for cats to show love and affection for you is to simply be with you.

Spending time in the same room with you is also a way for your cat to tell you that she "loves you."


The cat meows very nicely, adult cats usually don't tend to meow in order to communicate with each other, but they do it precisely for us.

Cats are thought to do this because they notice us talking and screaming loudly all the time.

 If you talk to cats constantly, it happens that cats talk too when there are people talking to them.

Cats also use their own gentle sounds, such as tweeting and hissing, when trying to communicate their feelings of love to certain people.

kneading movement

What most cats have in common is that they do something like kneading.

Some experts hypothesize that for most adult cats this movement is associated with rest.

So, if your cat is kneading, there is reason to believe that it is attached to you.

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