Signs That Cats Hate Their Owner


As much as you may love your cat, sometimes they may not feel the same in this affection. The Cat Behavior Clinic Foundation notes that, although there are signs of cat dislike, you may develop some fear and mistrust towards you.

Signs that cats hate their owner:

Its tail is always horizontal.

They keep hiding from you.

It bites you fiercely.

They stay away from you.

They are yours.

They are friendly with no one else but you.

Signs of cats hating their owner

  • Their tail is horizontal.

Russell Hartstein, a certified cat behaviorist in Los Angeles, notes that cats not only use their tail for their impressive balance, but also use it as an outlet for expressing emotions.

“A cat’s tail is incredibly expressive and when taken in the context of its immediate environment the rest of its body language reveals a lot about what is going on emotionally and internally,” Hartstein said. It helps as a gauge of their moods.

Although Hartstein said that movements such as tail curling (when they wrap around you), straight tail, and the shape of the tail with a question mark are all positive mood indicators, he notes that you should pay attention to the skin, the tail bulge (when the fur begins to fluff), and the tail low horizontal.

A low horizontal or general tail means that the cat is in a fearful, withdrawn, or aggressive or hostile mood, said the statement. He said this is a sign that they are not happy and you might want to look into why.

  • They stay away from you.

If you try to play with your pet and he is not interested no matter what game you have, it could be a sign that he is unhappy.

Sure, it's normal for cats to turn down playtime so they can relax now and then, but Hartstein told Insider that a chronic lack of interest in playful interactions could be a sign that your cat isn't very happy with you.

  • They keep hiding from you.

According to Jessa Paschke, a burrowing cat is not a happy cat.

If your cat is always hiding, it may mean that she is uncomfortable in her environment.

Sometimes a cat will hide if they are not familiar with a space or are new to your family, but if this is the case, she recommends providing them with their own space so they can breathe and adapt.

But if they've been around for a while, you might want to visit the vet's office—Bachke notes that hiding could be a sign of an underlying health problem.

  • It bites you fiercely.

All the experts agreed that there is a clear sign of your cat's resentment from being bitten.

Although she states that biting is a normal behavior for kittens, she states that full-grown cats should never bite, especially when trying to pet them. If they are, they are not very happy.


Cats are mysterious, late, lonely, and sometimes frightening creatures. These are the things cat owners sometimes ask. You are not alone if you are wondering whether or not your cat loves you at all. Although they are calm creatures, their body language can tell us a lot about what they are thinking and feeling. Here are some signs that a cat is not happy with its owner.

Related questions:

Can a cat hate its owner?

Pets don't usually hate people, but they can feel insecure, afraid, shy, irritable, and anxious. These negative feelings are manifested in avoiding contact, scratching, biting, and hiding. So, if you feel like your cat hates you, you may rest assured knowing that this probably isn't the case.

How long does it take for a cat to forget its owner?

It is widely suggested that the average short-term memory of cats is 16 hours. This means that the cat is likely to remember you 16 hours after you first meet. This is much longer than 27 seconds which was suggested to be the average short-term memory period for animals in a 2014 study.

Why do cats suddenly attack their owners?

There are many possible reasons why cats suddenly attack their owners including misleading play, showing dominance, fear, or a medical problem. The good news is that with time and patience the problem can usually be corrected.

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