Why Do Cats Fight - Some Reasons You Should Know Now


Fighting in cats is a natural behavior, but it does not happen without a reason, and you may need to intervene to prevent this tortuous behavior if you keep cats inside your house and notice a lot of chaos in the place around you ..
Why do cats quarrel? Cats fight automatically if they are bothered by other animals or insects inside the house, and they fight in self-defense when they feel an outside danger or a sudden attack. It is, after all, a normal behavior that does not warrant concern but that needs intervention and prevention.
In this article, we offer you 5 reasons why cats quarrel inside the house, and how you can intervene and solve them before it turns into an uncontrollable mess.

Why do cats fight?

1. Adding a new animal
2. Defending itself
3. Chasing its prey
4. Uncomfortable environment

1. Add a new animal

Cats can fight indoors if you add a new animal that they are unfamiliar with, and they may consider it their prey at first and start chasing it unless you step in and make them feel part of the family.

2. Defending itself

Cats quarrel a lot in cases of self-defense when they feel that there is a danger coming to them, whether from a human being or another animal, and you notice this in female cats in attempts to defend their young against strangers.

3. It chases after its prey

When there is prey around the house, the cats start chasing it and making some sounds such as chirping against the birds to annoy them, and if the prey is close to it, they start arguing with it or fighting it. Cats can also fight if they are jealous .

4. Uncomfortable environment

If the cats live in an uncomfortable place and can fight en masse, as an expression of boredom inside the place, you can change their place if you notice them starting a fight, or push them to come out and play with you away from home.

5. Hormones

The inversion of cats' hormones can also be involved in a large proportion of the fighting between them and those around them, it is part of the causes of aggression in cats that can be trained to tame them during the period of maturity.

Related Questions

How do I make my cat stop fighting?

You can get your cat to stop fighting by first understanding the reasons why it is fighting or fighting and then treating it. If it is a problem with the space, you can change it or move it away from it as well as if it is starting to fight with other animals you share a home. You can get a response from her with no rewards, not screaming, especially if it's for things you like.

Why do cats fight at night?

Cats may fight at night with competition for food or prey in pursuit. Cats can also fight if they have untamed aggressive behaviors.

Is it normal for cats to fight?

Yes, cats fight by nature and sometimes start a fight or a fake fight while they are in fact playing with their peers, although intervention and treatment is needed if they are fighting noticeably violently inside the house.

A cat fight looks real if it is accompanied by sounds such as howling, purring, and crowing, which are all sounds that cats make in emotional states to express strife, anger, and sometimes pain. Your cats may injure themselves during fights with other animals or cats, so it's a good idea to check them regularly. If you notice any signs of aggressiveness and aggression, you can consult your veterinarian to get the necessary treatment.

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